Counseling Helps Me Maintain Perspective and Motivation

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How Counseling Helps Me Maintain Perspective and Motivation

About a year ago, I decided to start going and seeing a counselor. I was at a point in life where I was extremely overwhelmed, had little motivation, but more importantly, I was losing clarity on where I was going.

After visiting twice a month with my counselor, I started to regain my perspective and become more intentional on the parts of my life that I want to improve. My counselor and I have both agreed that I am doing much better, although I never was really in as dark of a place as some people are when they first visit her.

And that’s what I’d like to encourage you to think about. There seems to be a negative stigma with the idea of talking to a therapist, life coach, pastor, or other professional counselor. Living life is difficult. Intentionally living it to the fullest is something that may not come easy to you.

If you wanted to do better in school, you’d think about hiring a tutor. If you wanted to get in better shape, you might consider a fitness trainer. Why would we not get help when we want to fix our thinking and our lives?

I always have turned to family. But family usually has a vested interest in your decisions. If I want to discuss a career change, my family’s thoughts go towards how this would affect them. However, when I discuss a big idea with my therapist, she helps me put a plan in place that will allow me to reach those goals without putting my family at too much risk. Then I can discuss a reasonable plan with my family and the feel secure in knowing that I’m not about to jump from the boat before we get close to the dock.

If you’ve been thinking about therapy, I encourage you to go for it. Yes, it’s a little scary the first time. But I feel confident that you’ll be glad you did.

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