Surviving the Seasons of Life

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How to survive the different seasons in your life

I have a hard time remembering that at each particular point of my life change will eventually come. I all too often catch myself in thinking that a particular bad, trying, or overwhelming situation is going to last forever. It’s not that I’m a drama queen (or maybe I am, we’ll debate that another day), it’s that I often have a hard time seeing progress when things are messy.

When Sarah and I were rebuilding from the disaster that was a bad career choice and home purchase, it felt like we were getting nowhere. I couldn’t see us ever making it out of the trench that we had dug ourselves. But really, every day we were moving ever so slightly where we needed to be. We started over in an apartment that we could afford. We had our first child. We didn’t borrow any more money on credit cards. We lived within our means. We got into a better situation. While it felt like we were getting nowhere, eventually we made enough progress to see the footprints go back towards the horizon. It has been a process that has taken most of the last four years, and there is still a lot of work to do. But what I’ve been able to determine is that momentum is exponential. The first few steps of pulling a heavy wagon are the hardest, but once you break the bounds of inertia great things will happen.

So if things aren’t exactly where you want them to be right now, look at them as a season. It’s only temporary, and sooner or later the weather, and your position, will change.

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