Give your team the tools they need

15 Minute Thoughts – A new series of thoughts that I write about within a 15 minute time limit

Imagine for a moment that I asked you to change the oil in my car. Then I provided you with a fire extinguisher, a bran muffin, a monkey, and a wrench. No, not a monkey wrench. A small monkey AND a wrench. Then, I expected you to do the job and do it well.

Crazy, right?

But I have seen this happen time and time again. Leaders will handcuff their team with substandard equipment but expect high quality results. Do you have a team member whose computer takes forever to load? Do they only have one monitor, instead of the now standard two? Is your system’s database impossible to maintain or to gain information and insight from?


Be intentional about upgrading and providing your team with the tools they need. A small investment can boost results. Also, ask your team if they have what that need. Then, ask if they have what they want. An updated version of software may be one thing to make them happy. And by listening and providing, you’ve built trust and loyalty with that person.

And that’s more valuable than any software program.

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