Thoughts on Fear, Bravery, and a Vision

Fifteen Minute Thoughts…

I did a search recently on to find out how many times “Fear not” appears in the Bible. For the Authorized King James Version it was over 80 times. It would be easy for me to make the assumption that if I were a better Christian I would have less fear. But I don’t believe that’s true. I think that for me to go on the adventure that God wants me to go on there will be fear.

“Fear not” scripture is designed to encourage bravery. And as I’ve heard Jon Acuff say, “Bravery is only fun if you’re watching someone else do it. Bravery feels like sleepless nights and wanting to throw up”.

I’ve been wrestling with this concept as I look at my future.

I’ve also been wrestling with a vision that I recently had:

Imagine standing in the darkness on one side of a river. In the middle of the river is an island with enough food, water, clothing, and a temporary shelter that will last only one day. The river floods the island each night, therefore staying on the island is not an option. Each morning, you prepare to cross the river, obtain the supplies needed to live, and come back over to your side. The next day, the island has replenished itself.

If you were hungry, tired, and in need the first time you stumbled to the bank of this river and looked out, you may find that the supplies are a blessing. The first time you start to cross the river, you realize it’s very difficult. The current is strong, and you notice that the water is polluted. You almost drown but you make it to the island, get your supplies, and return to your side of the bank.

Over the next several months you continue to do this, and each time examine the river. You start to notice the negative effects it has on you. But you need the supplies in order to live. Each day you make it, then you return. Over. And Over. And OVER.

When is enough? When do you start looking for a better way? When do you realize that blessings of the Lord have no sorrow attached? When do you become brave? When do you “Fear Not”?

It’s time to put a plan together. Time to start working on things. It’s time to be brave enough to try something different. Fear Not…

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