I was called a coward. And it was true.

Last night I was called a coward.

I was told that not promoting the thing I do well is not an act of humility, it’s an act of cowardice.

Wow. It stung. And it’s 100% correct.

I know that speaking is the thing I should be doing full time. I know I’m good at it. I know that I have ideas and insights that need to be shared with others. And I know that I haven’t let everyone know that is where my talents and passions reside.

“Brian, what do you tell people in your speeches?”

  • I tell Teens the biggest lifestyle choice that I made that allowed me to date the girl who would eventually become my wife.
  • I tell Leaders the one forgotten skill they need to work on to earn loyalty from their followers.
  • I tell Business Leaders how trusting your team, and allowing them to learn, saves you thousands of dollars.
  • I tell Frustrated People the one skill that they need to learn when facing difficult decisions.
  • I tell Employees how I took a negative situation that created bitterness, and used it to create a different emotion that has propelled me farther.
  • I tell Everyone about some of the dumbest mistakes in my life, and how I recovered.

I tell these stories with the humor and understanding that we’re all struggling here. We all want to succeed.

And for a limited time, I want to tell these stories for free. If you have a group that would like to hear me speak, please click here and let me know. Let’s all work together to get unstuck and move along our path.


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