My Thoughts on Same Sex Marriage

I grew up in a home where I was taught to treat everyone with respect, love, and dignity. I was also taught that homosexuality was wrong. My views changed when I was in high school, because I viewed it as a form of oppression by the State. A government shouldn’t tell you who you should leave your property to, who should get to make medical decisions about you if you were incapacitated, and why sharing a life with one individual deserved tax breaks, and another did not.

When I was in school, none of my friends were gay. Or at least that’s what I ignorantly thought. As I grew and met more people outside of my home town, I met people who were homosexual. Some were open about it, some were not. Some I never knew were gay until I found out they were dating someone of the same sex.

And I’ve struggled with that. I want to be the person that people feel that they could be completely comfortable with. I want to be someone that they feel like that they can truly be their self. And I failed.

But as I’ve grown up, I have developed friendships with people who are gay, straight, bisexual, transgender, and other classifications that I’m too ignorant to know exists. I know people who are out and proud. I know people who are mostly closeted.

And so what began as a protest against government intrusion into the life of its citizens, slowly changed into an awareness that two people who commit to each other on an intense level, such as marriage, should be celebrated and embraced.

And today, our country, much like me, matured to understand that. At least legally speaking.

Justice Kennedy writing for the majority

Justice Kennedy writing for the majority

Congratulations everyone.

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