The Smartest Person in the Room Speaks Simply

I thoroughly enjoy being in a room with very smart people who are very excited about their field. I especially enjoy it when those people love what they do so much, that they take the time to explain it to someone in very simple easy to understand terms.

I do not enjoy being in a room with folks who feel like they need to prove their smarts. We’ve all been in meetings before where a person will start using words and acronyms without explaining what they mean. When folks do this, they are not trying to teach or share their information. They are trying to feel superior.

And I think that makes them dumb.

The smartest person in the room speaks simply.

The smartest person who worked on the Space Shuttle is the one who not only understands all the processes that the complex machinery would do, but could explain them easily to someone with just an average vocabulary and education.

If you can’t do that, if you can’t break something down into bite size pieces for other folks, then I am of the belief, that you really don’t understand the processes, your field, your work, your job, your interest, your passion, as much as you think you do.

Be clear. Be simple. Be smart.

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