The Right Way for Me, May Not be the Right Way for Someone Else

This young couple should get my prayers, not my criticisms.

This young couple should get my prayers, not my criticisms.

A quick reminder to everyone including myself, just because someone isn’t doing something the way you would do it, doesn’t mean that they aren’t doing the right way for them.

This week a friend of mine’s daughter is getting married, after a very short engagement, on a Wednesday, at the age of 18. I immediately started thinking about all the reasons why I would never advise anyone to do this. And then I was reminded that her father has cancer – and it’s been a tough battle so far.

And all of a sudden every bit of it felt right to me.

All of a sudden I realized that my pretentious views on someone else’s life don’t matter. It’s amazing how quickly I was to judge when I am standing on the mountains of mistakes that I have made. I wonder why I should be so quick to act is if I’m right.

I’m wrong a lot. A whole lot. And I will continue to be wrong.

So instead of being judgmental, as soon as I have the ability, I will be giving the young couple a few books that have helped me. I’ll pray for them. I will try to live my marriage in a way so that when other newlyweds glance over and copy off my sheet, they will find more right answers than wrong ones.

And hopefully, in many years I will see a 50th anniversary notice in the local paper.

My congratulations and best wishes to the bride and groom.

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