The Art of Reinvention

Art of Reinvention


Have you ever had the desire to completely change major parts of your life? I have, and I do. I’m currently going through a reinvention of sorts. Several weeks ago, I decided that my current career path was not working out. For the past six years, I have hosted trivia at restaurants across North Georgia, and for the past five years, I have been working in I.T.

“Do I really want to keep doing this for another 30 years?”

That’s a question that has been going through my mind A LOT during the past few weeks. I keep reviewing 401(k) plans, and health insurance benefits. I look at all the money that I’ve been able to make to provide for my family. I struggle with this internal desire that there’s more. I finally decided to commit to this reinvention and canceled one of my shows to free up some more time. I am now ankle deep in this reinvention.

For years, I’ve talked about this with my wife. Eventually, I started going to therapy. That led to creating sort of a “home base”. We worked on the internal questions about why I feel unsatisfied. This past week, I hired a career coach, and we are starting on a new journey looking at my skill sets and my personality traits to determine what the appropriate next steps are.

For the record, I have “reinvented” myself before. I once lost my job as an insurance salesman. I had to reinvent myself quickly. Eventually, that led to becoming a Trivia Host. When I’m in the process of reinventing, I try to find someone doing something that I want to do. I then study what they do well, what I think they could improve on, and what makes them overall successful. I’ve been lucky enough to seek advice from these people before too.

In the end, I don’t try to copy their success as much as I try to go down the same trails that they’ve marked. I’m now doing this again, except this time, on a much larger and challenging scale. The two people I’m now studying, from afar, are successful full-time authors and speakers.

Their personalities have both similarities and differences from me. Their audience is different than what I picture mine will become. But they’ve both followed similar paths to arrive where they are.

I’m now at the starting line of their trail. And while I may take a turn or two that they didn’t, and there may be a new obstacle that has fallen onto the path since they came through, I’m looking forward to meeting them at the top.

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