About Brian

After feeling the need to share his ideas on leadership Brian, gave his first speech in the Spring of 2001 to a group of high school leaders. Since then, Brian’s career has taken him through different companies, both large and small, and a wide variety of work areas: Real Estate, Insurance, Banking, Retail, Customer Service, Marketing and Public Speaking.

“The world will lead you to believe that doing the right thing and treating others well is incorrect. Sooner or later you will ask yourself, ‘Hey, am I the only one looking the wrong way in this photograph?’”

Most recently through his blog, BrianDarby.com, Brian has continued to share his ideas of leadership, living, and work. He is available for speaking engagements and would love the opportunity to share with your team the ideas of internal and external customer service, team work, loyalty, and work that matters.

“Loyalty isn’t something you can just buy off the shelf at Target. You have to put in a lot of effort into your company’s garden in order for it to grow. A company’s culture is simply a reflection of a company’s character.”

Brian lives in Canton, GA with his wife of 8 years Sarah, their children Hazel and Violet, and their Corgi, Chloe.


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