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My Three Thoughts about the Brian Williams Admissions

brian circle By Brian Darby

In case you haven’t heard, Brian Williams the anchor of NBC’s Nightly News, has admitted that a story he told about being in a helicopter in Iraq that was shot down was false. There are also reports of him embellishing another story about Hurricane Katrina.

After reading opinions that NBC has a problem, and that he should be fired, I tried to figure out what I thought about the situation.

The truth is, I’ve lied before

I don’t like to admit it. I may even claim that I got caught up in the excitement, or that I was just stretching a fish tale. The truth is that I’ve not always been perfect, and I have screwed up badly. Lucky for me, my screw ups have not happened on national television…yet.

I don’t like rooting for someone to lose their job

I do not want anyone to lose their job. It is really hard for me to call on someone to be fired. That is probably because I have been fired before and it really stinks. I am sure he has more money than me, and would probably be okay. But still the very act of being fired is so demoralizing and deflating that unless it’s absolutely necessary it should be hard to root for.

I wish him Peace

Any time I’ve ever done anything embarrassing, it stays with me for years. I may be in bed getting ready to sleep and suddenly something I did 15 years ago will pop in my head, and then it’s an hour of tossing and turning. So I honestly hope that Mr. Williams gets peace. Most people usually are not as bad as the worst thing they’ve ever done.